12 Marker - Graph'It - Klassische Farben

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Mit dem Set aus 12 Graph'It-Markern erhalten Sie die klassischen Farben, die Sie zum Erstellen einer Vielzahl von Designs benötigen.
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The set of 12 Graph'It markers has been developed to offer you the essentials of the classic colors you need to create a multitude of designs. The colors are indicated on the markers so that you can more easily find the color you need. The felt is composed of a wide and beveled point of 1 to 7 mm and another thinner (0.8 mm) and conical that will allow you to draw details and other fine lines. The felt is very easy to handle thanks to its triangular shape. The anchor dries very quickly and is stackable, but also miscible with a marker on a blender marker. Make comics, manga, scrapbooking and other activities with this set. Ideally used on thick paper or layout. Contains 12 markers. Colors included: sun (1170), carrot (2160), cocoa (3180), azalea (5125), ruby ​​(5245), magenta (5160), iris (6180), dark cyan (7155), submarine (7190), chlorophyll (8150), anise (8250), black (9909)

Technische Daten

Farbe :
Typ :
Marke :
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17,5 x 9,7 x 4,3 cm
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