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Little accessories for creative decoration

Decoration accessories

All small accessories for creative decoration: ironing beads, sequins, pompons, feathers and small colored clothespins!


  • Glitter
    <p>Prepare your glitter to give a touch of light to your creations! - You do it - creative hobby shop</p>
  • Clothespins
    <p>Selection of nice shaped and colored clothespins for kraft &amp; creative decoration, kits of multicolored clothespins for scrapbooking - Youdoit</p>
  • Feathers
    <p>Large selection of natural and decorated feathers, of any size and colour, for creative leisure, fashion DIY jewelry, textile and tote bags customization</p>
  • Decorative pompoms
    <p>Suede, wool or cotton: a large selection of pompoms on Youdoit! Find the pompon you need from a wide range of colors</p>
  • Decorative flowers
    <p>Dried and pressed flowers are a great decorative trend. Find something to decorate your home or your notebooks. You can also make your own dried flowers.</p>

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