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Seafood cutlery

Among our seafood cutlery, you'll find oysters, winkles, scallops and much more...

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Oyster knife and holder

€9.90 Price

This cale oyster and lancet black "CLIC'huîtres" are two essential utensils which will allow you to open your oysters safely. Practice, the cale oyster begins on the edge of a table or work surface for stability. You just have to insert the blade of the l

6 mussel tongs

€22.90 Price

Practical and design, these 6 molds pliers will allow you to enjoy your molds without getting your hands dirty! These clamps have the distinction of being wide enough and light enough for that adults and children can easily hold them between their fingers

Shrimp Scissors

€6.90 Price

Shrimp scissors to cleanly empty your prawns and easily peel them off.

Scallops knife

€7.90 Price

Special knife to gently open your scallop shells without taking the risk of damaging them.