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Organic green tea and natural infusions


Taste and savor this selection of teas and infusions, from organic farming and brimming with aromas. To consume without moderation!


  • Japanese Teas
    <p>Let yourself be transported to Asia through the scents of our Japanese teas: a wide choice of perfumes to taste urgently!</p>
  • Coffee substitutes
    <p>To fight against fatigue without caffeine is possible! Discover our coffee substitutes that will make you tonic in the morning without any dose of stress</p>
  • Tea-pots
    <p>Selection of porcelain, clay, glass, cast iron tea-pots - Different origins, colors, dimensions and capacity</p>
  • Tea accessories
    <p>Discover all our essential accessories for the preparation and tasting of tea: wide choice of teapots, teacups, mugs, and infusers</p>

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