List of products by brand L'épicerie du chef

L'épicerie du chef introduces you to quality products to delight your taste buds! 

Creator of natural and tasty products, L'épicerie du chef offers a wide range of dried fruits, chocolates and napages, but also all the necessary for pastries, from sugar to utensils and colourings.

L'épicerie du chef designs and develops XL and XXL utensils and ingredients at affordable prices.

The company is entirely dedicated to professionals and amateur pastry chefs who are big consumers of ingredients. The products are manufactured and/or packaged in the laboratory located in Fondettes in Touraine.


Pearl sugar 1 kg Pearl sugar 1 kg

Pearl sugar 1 kg

$19.45 Price

Bag of pearl sugar - great for chouquettes, brioches or waffles!


 Glucose syrup - 1 kg  Glucose syrup - 1 kg

Glucose syrup - 1 kg

$17.39 Price

Potted glucose syrup to prevent crystallization of sugar - 1kg professional quality - ScrapCooking