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Soy lecithin sachet

$1.01 Price
Soy lecithin is a natural emulsifier extracted from soybeans useful for cooking.

Bag of agar agar

$1.01 Price
Use agar agar as a natural gelling agent in your culinary preparations.

Super Hero Spoon

$8.79 Price
Take strength by eating with this spoon with a superhero handle!

Ear cup

$13.72 Price
With the ear cup you listen to all the coffee break gossip.

Winner's cup

$13.72 Price
For the winners, here is the cup cup Winner! Reward the winners with this cup-shaped mug: become a winner!

Secret agent mug

$12.73 Price
With the secret agent mug, follow in the footsteps of the most famous secret agent. The handle of this secret agent mug is based on James Bond's favorite weapon, the Walther PPK.

Stencil set for coffee and dessert

$2.47 Price
Decorate cakes, dishes and coffees with these 16 kitchen stencils. Your dinners will remain engraved in our memories thanks to these stencils with funny and original patterns.

Rainbow Cocktail Set

$19.64 Price

Become the master of cocktails with this shaker and its accessories in the colors of the rainbow! Serve cocktails like a pro and wow your friends by juggling the shaker.

Unicorn Sprinkler

$11.75 Price
A unicorn sprinkler to put magic nuggets on your cakes or in your coffee.

Mechanical robot

$32.48 Price
This mechanical robot is inspired by the cult film of 1956 Forbidden Planet. Collection robot with key mechanism.


$16.78 Price
This motherboard cutting board is particularly suitable for all cooks geeks!

Lips aperitif peaks

$8.79 Price
These 12 lip aperitif peaks give a glamorous side to your evenings and cocktails.

Bottle opener - Mug of beer

$5.82 Price
Discover the magnetic beer mug-shaped bottle opener. Thanks to its magnet you can magnetize it anywhere in your house!

Virgin Mary Mug

$19.64 Price
The Virgin Mary mug is first of all entirely black but will reveal the Virgin Mary when you pour your hot drink.

Polaroid mug

$22.60 Price
This camera mug gives a vintage touch to your breakfast or coffee break.

Unicorn Mug

$11.75 Price
Thanks to the unicorn mug "Nothing is impossible", display your vision of life and show everyone your passion for unicorns who live in a perfect world like you!