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Wine thermometer

€4.90 Price
With this wine thermometer, quickly get the temperature of your bottle.

Nail dryer

€11.90 Price
Portable battery operated nail dryer, super practical for travel!

Smartphone Charger Keychain

€1.90 Price
This key ring charger for phone can be used to synchronize and charge your smartphone or any other device with micro USB.

Portable Selfie pole

€13.90 Price
The telescopic selfie stick is equipped with a remote shutter to take your photos with your smartphone.

Customizable watch

€22.90 Price
Change the watch according to your mood and your outfits with this multi-strap silicone watch. An original gift idea!

Bubble machine

€24.90 Price
The bubble machine is the ideal accessory for parties and birthdays: entertainment guaranteed!

Spy glasses

€59.90 Price
Camera glasses: they record like a real camera in all discretion.

Light Ionizer

€44.90 Price
This ionizer is also a diffuser of essential oils and a humidifier. An essential device for improving indoor air quality.

Anti-intrusion TV imitator

€9.90 Price
This television imitator reproduces the light emitted by a television. Intruders will be deterred from entering.

Hygrometer Clock

€12.90 Price
This clock with thermometer and hygrometer allows you to check the humidity in the air and the temperature.


€1.50 Price
Hot water bottle reusable indefinitely!

Flexible arm for a shelf

€16.90 Price
This flexible arm will allow you to use your tablet anywhere thanks to its clip clip on all supports! In the office as at home this flexible tablet holder will become your ally! Compatible with tablets up to 19 cm in height and maximum 613g. Support length: 70 cm

Disco balls

€39.90 Price
Ignite your evenings with these motorized mirror balls. These 2 twin disco balls will light up your parties! Dimensions: 30 x 21 x 14 cm

Luminous cap - Headlamp

€13.90 Price
This lamp cap is ideal for fans of night activity! 3 different brightnesses. Material: 35% acrylic and 65% polyester. Unique size. Built-in batteries 2 x CR2032