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Popcorn lid

€11.90 Price
Made of silicone, this lid allows you to easily make your homemade popcorn in the microwave!

Ice-cream maker with spoon

€35.96 -10% Regular price €39.95 Price
Make your own crushed ice to refresh your drinks with this machine equipped with an ice spoon!
  • Reduced price

Bottle cap Capsule

€12.90 Price

Retain your wine bottles thanks to this bottle stopper that mimics to mistake there to the capsule of a true bottle of red wine.

Bow tie Sponge holder

€12.90 Price

Sponge Porte design and original to trace and put dry your sponge thanks to its suction cup.

Herbs infuser - Chile

€9.52 -20% Regular price €11.90 Price

Infuse your bouquet garni with this original infuser - shaped red chili.

  • Reduced price

4 colored spoon holders

€8.90 Price

These 4 spoon rests to shapes and original colors will give elegance to your favorite wooden spoons!

Timer - cat & mouse

€11.90 Price

This pretty white cat playing with a little mouse will ensure on your good dishes preventing you when the cooking time is up. This endearing timer will put cheerfulness in your kitchen!