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Are you organizing a theme party? Come and discover all our products for quality decorations and tasty pastries!

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8 unicorn candles

€7.90 Price

8 candles on the unicorn theme to decorate your achievements for any event!

Sitting unicorn lamp

€8.90 Price
To spend a sweet and magical night, light the unicorn night light sitting in the colors of the rainbow.

Summer Cake kit

€16.92 -15% Regular price €19.90 Price

Summer Cake pastry box

  • Reduced price

Unicorn Cookie Cutter

€3.50 Price

Unicorn cutter to assemble about 9 x 8 cm to create a superb decoration for vox cakes shaped like a unicorn.

3D stickers x 13 - Unicorns 5 cm

€3.12 -20% Regular price €3.90 Price

13 stickers in 3D on the theme of unicorns to stick on all your scrapbooking projects, greeting cards, announcements and all your DIY ideas.

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