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Everything you need to accessorize your rooms: beds, mattresses, box springs, bed drawers and other accessories.


  • mattress
    <p>Foam mattresses suitable for children and adults with different sizes and firmnesses to suit your comfort. </p>
  • Bed safety barriers
    <p>Removable safety gates to add to your children's beds for a more peaceful sleep.</p>
  • Children's beds
    <p>From cradles to bunk beds, find the ideal bed for your child in our range of high quality bedding, made of solid wood with 100% ecological and anti-allergic paint. </p>
  • Single beds
    <p>High quality single beds that are suitable for children, teenagers and adults alike due to the wide range of sizes available. You can choose from several wood colours and add accessories such as a bed drawer to optimise the storage of your room or add an extra bed. </p>
  • Double beds
    <p>High quality solid wood double beds with a clean look to suit all interiors and give your bedroom a zen look. Find the queen size, king size or king size XL in our range.</p>
  • bed drawers
    <p>Bed drawers or bed storage racks provide extra storage space in the bedroom. They can be used as an extra bed, transforming your child's single bed into a trundle bed, or as a storage drawer to store sheets and duvets or games and toys. </p>
  • bed risers
    <p>Bed risers allow you to gain 10 to 20 cm in height. These easy-to-install accessories can be used to make it easier to sleep in a bed that is considered too low or to add a bed drawer or storage rack.</p>
  • Bed bumpers
    <p>The cot bumper is a trendy item to decorate and secure your child's bed and prevent them from banging their head against the bed rails. The bumper can also be used as a decorative element on a teenager's bed and a bench. You can find our anti-allergic woven bumper pads in various colours. </p>

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