List of products by brand Aromandise

Aromandise makes you discover the tastes and exotic natural scents!

Creator of natural and unpublished products, Aromandise offers magnificent ranges of natural incense with varied scents, but also the diversity of Japanese teas (Matcha, Hojicha, Gyokuro), as well as spices and herbs from around the world.

Aromandise designs, develops and distributes its products under the brands: les Encens du Monde, Hildegarde de Bingen, Fleurs à Croquer, Cristaux d'Huiles Essentielles.

The company offers products rich in stories and traditions to awaken your senses.

Squared sauce - Béchamel

€5.90 Price
For cooks in a hurry, this sauce is perfect! In the form of a square, find the flavour of the béchamel sauce in an easy and quick version!

Spelt coffee with cinnamon

€9.95 Price
Roasted spelt is a perfect substitute for coffee. Here is a more gourmet recipe: spelt coffee with cinnamon!