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Roasted Chicory roots - 20 bags
  • Roasted Chicory roots - 20 bags

Roasted Chicory roots - 20 bags


Pack of 20 sachets of 2gr roots of chicory roasted in France and coming from organic farming. Ideal as a substitute for coffee!


Want to find the flavors of cafe softened and caffeine free?

The full-bodied flavor of chicory, which is rather close to that of coffee, is no less delicious and is an ideal substitute.

This new format infusette will fill you with caramelized flavors and a sweet bitterness, all in lightness.

The most common use is in the form of a hot or cold drink: the combination of vegetable or animal milks, various sweetening sources, even spices or combinations of roasted seeds, gives a wide variety of tastes and Properties.

Natural, with ice cubes, or kept in the fridge for the summer, the uses range from the daily low-caloric drink, to the coffee substitute, to the infusion of various virtues.

Other culinary uses as aromas of viennoiseries, pastries or sauce bottoms are also creative.

The roasted chicory roots consumed in hot drinks are very popular in the North of France.

It was grown in Europe as a medicinal plant during the Middle Ages.

But its true rise is linked to the blockade of England opposed to the France of Napoleon.

The chicory then flourished throughout northern Europe.

Indeed, roasted, and no longer served in decoction, the chicory could replace the coffee.


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Coffee substitute
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Agriculture biologique AB

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