DIY - Vintage sunglasses mirror to make yourself ø 63 cm


Make yourself a vintage 63 cm diameter sun-shaped mirror with this DIY complete set!

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Create yourself a vintage mirror shaped sun ø 63 cm!

These mirrors, usually known as rattan or wicker, are often sold as flea markets.

Now you can make it yourself with this complete DIY set.

For this, simply fix the mirror in the center of the wooden round with glue.

Then stick all the sticks with the glue provided, to get the sun mirror.

The mirror will hang easily thanks to a small suspension system provides.

When finished, the mirror measures 63 cm in diameter with sticks glued.

The kit contains: a wooden base to glue the mirror, a 20 cm mirror, 20 sticks of 30 cm, 85 sticks of 20 cm, a tube of glue and a small hanging system.

You will only have to bend it with color, paint it or leave it raw for a natural effect.


Data sheet

Material :
Color :
Type :
Brand :
Product dimensions :
63 x 63 x 3 cm
Length (cm) :
Height (cm) :
Width (cm) :

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