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Sandalwood Incense Strings + 40 sticks of Sandalwood incense

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The original Nepalese incense with a sweet and woody fragrance + Set of 40 sticks of relaxing Japanese incense with sandalwood.

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Incense strings from Nepal with a sweet and woody fragrance. Made in Bhaktapur, using traditional methods. Hand-rolled and hand-twisted by local women from generation to generation. Ingredients 100% natural origin rolled in a sheet of Lokta paper and twisted. Directions for use: Place the cord in a suitable incense holder. Light one end of the cord then blow. Precautions for use : Do not let the cord burn without supervision. After use, check that the cord is well extinguished then ventilate the room.do not inhale directly the smoke.keep out of reach of the children. 40 cords. Sandalwood incense made in Japan on the Island of Awaji, it is inspired by the novel of the "Tale of Genji" dating from the tenth century, a time when incense was very successful at the Imperial Court, like the other incenses in the Karin collection from Aromandise. Sandalwood is very often used as incense because it has a very sweet woody scent. It is known for its relaxing, soothing, and also antiseptic benefits. Purify your living room with this incense to feel good or to practice meditation. Ideal to be lit at the end of the afternoon for a relaxing moment in your armchair. Duration of a batonet : 25 minutes.


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Beige, Rose
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poudres de santal, résine de dammar, nard, cannelle, girofle, poudres de bois et plantes naturels, aromates