Tibetan incense discovery box + natural Ayurvedic incense


Tibetan natural incense + natural ayurvedic incense 14 sticks

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Tibetan incense. Dr. Dolkar, based in New Delhi, produces incense and medicine in his clinic, using the traditional recipes of Tibetan medicine. Respecting ancient texts and traditional recipes, these incense are made in India, at the clinic of Dr. Dolkar, female doctor, descendant to the 15th generation of a line of famous Tibetan doctors. Relaxing incense 100% natural to purify the air and for the well-being. A Buddhist land with shamanistic traditions of a people in close communication with nature, Tibetan incense carries the strength of the Himalayas and the enlightened consciousness of its sages. Their composition depends on their use: incense used for meditation and ritual offerings, or as medicinal plants to soothe, relax, harmonize, relieve tension, energetic disorders and purify the air. Their woody, coppery, chypre scents create an atmosphere of calm and harmony. This Tibetan incense combines the properties of medicinal plants in a traditional recipe from a secular knowledge of plants and their virtues. Tibetan medicine uses up to two thousand types of plants. Dr. Dolkar's range of Tibetan incense promotes the balance of energies from herbal mixtures such as juniper, wood powder and water. Place the incense holder away from flammable objects (newspapers, tablecloths) and drafts. Consume only one incense at a time. The Discovery incense tube makes it possible to unveil and discover the products of this range of natural Ayurvedic incense. Ideal for learning Ayurveda!


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