Kit 126 natural Ayurvedic incense


112 Indian incense sticks - sweet basil, tuberose, red sandalwood, patchouli, jasmine, pink, camphor, sandalwood, henna, indian flowers, lemon, geranium, flower + natural ayurvedic incense 14 sticks

Set of 112 Indian Ayurvedic incense sticks: 7 kits of 16 incense sticks made in Karnataka in India using the" dry masala bhattis "method, hand-rolled sticks on thin bamboo stalks. Incense is a harmonious blend of spices and aromas that brings a specific energy, in accordance with the Indian tradition.The box contains the following Ayurvedic incenses: Joy, Harmony, Energy, Love, Purity, Intuition and Peace. Of the range of Ayurvedic Indian incense follows the techniques of the ayurveda (traditional medicine) and intervenes on the 7 vital centers, the chakras.Smoke 2 to 3/5 Duration of a stick: 25 minutes. The Discovery incense tube makes it possible to unveil and discover the products of this range of natural Ayurvedic incense. Ideal for learning Ayurveda!


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Les Encens du Monde

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