The little shoots : What are we sowing in August?

The little shoots : What are we sowing in August?

Are you new to gardening and you never know when to plant your fruits and vegetables? Or how to proceed? At Youdoit, we are here to help you do all your manual work simply and give you tips!

Vegetables, herbs, flowers… Here are all the recommended plantings in August!

But also :

  • Winter carrots (Nantes, De Colmar, Major, Chantenay)
  • Turnips
  • Winter head cabbages to be sown in the nursery, on the fly
  • Spinach 30 cm apart in shallow furrows
  • White onions to be spaced 15 to 20 cm
  • Green peas to be sown in the ground)
  • Spring leeks (Bleu de Solaise, Bleu de Liège, Premier) seeded in the nursery, 1 seed per centimeter
  • Biennial flowers (Pansies, Violas, Campanulas, Digitalis, Wallflowers, Ladies' Julienne, Pope's Mint, Iceland Poppy, Daisies) to be sown online

What to plant in August on the balcony or terrace?

For those who aren't lucky enough to have a garden, zoom in on these easy-care plants!

  • Dwarf asters

Our advices :

- Perfectly rustic: they are resistant down to -15 ° C!

- They tolerate periods of drought but appreciate some watering if they are prolonged

- They are not demanding in terms of exposure and thrive in both sun and light shade.

- They are easily grown in pots, tubs and large planters. Prefer a mixture composed of half of topsoil (garden) and good quality potting soil. You can place ripe compost at the bottom of the hole.

  • The heucheres

Our advices :

- Place in a location in the sun or partial shade, the heuchère does not support too hot situations.

- It is a hardy plant, able to adapt to any garden.

- It can be installed in a bed or rockery, on the edge, or even in a pot.

  • Autumn sedums

Our advices :

- Sedum only needs sun! Any soil is sufficient for it, provided it is well drained.

- If you want to grow it in a pot, make a mixture with at least 50% sand.

- Sedum multiplies spontaneously by seed. You can collect them and transplant them wherever you want.

- It is possible to incorporate it in moderate quantities in a salad, to which it will add its crunch and its spiciness!

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