DIY : Gaspard the cat

DIY : Gaspard the cat

If you are looking for a new baby comforter or want to please with a beautiful homemade birth gift, we suggest you adopt Gaspard!

He's cute, sweet, and he does not bite!

Realize this little cat step by step by following our tutorial!

Gaspard the cat:


- Printed Artemio Coupons

- 1 linen canvas Artemio

- Artemio cotton thread

- 2 buttons


1) Cut out 2 rectangles of 12 x 11 cm in the printed fabric for the body of the plush, as well as 2 rectangles of 9 x 11 cm and 2 legs in the linen cloth.

2) Take a rectangle of printed fabric and a rectangle of linen and place them right side up, aligning the edges measuring 11 cm. Assemble the two fabrics. Repeat with the other two pieces of fabric.

3) You then get two large rectangles. Put them right side up. Assemble them by inserting the 2 legs.

4) Turn the fabric over and mark the cat's ears by sewing the two corners of the bag.

5) Stuff the animal and make a stitch to close it.

6) To make the collar, cut a fabric of 20 x 3 cm. Fold it using an iron, you get a long rectangle that you assemble at the back with a stitch.

7) Finally, sew the 2 small buttons on the front and mark the eyes and muzzle with the cotton thread.