DIY: bath-balls

DIY: bath-balls

Want to have a wellness moment in your own bathroom? Then create your own bath-balls to embellish a warming bath with this tutorial.


- sparkling bath balls 400 g, consist of three components

- dyes for soap

- dried flowers

- melting container

- something to stir (e.g. wooden stick)


1. Melt component A in a water bath. (max. 60 °C - do not boil)

2. While stirring constantly, add components B to the liquid mass.

3. Then stir component C into the mixture and mix until small lumps form.

4. While the mixture is still warm, you can add the dye and dried flowers. 

5. When the mixture is lukewarm, simply shape the bath balls with your hand and squeeze them well.

6. Allow the finished bath-balls to react and harden in air for 2-3 days.

As a result, you have successfully designed your own bath balls. You can now take a colorful relaxing bath.

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