DIY - Foam Maracas for Baby

DIY - Foam Maracas for Baby

The following DIY will be a hit with toddlers. Foam maracas stimulate the touch of your child, but also his hearing (and his sense of rhythm!)!

To achieve them, you need:

- Rubber Sheets by Graine Créative

- 2 rolls of toilet paper.

- a pair of scissors

a mini Artemio glue gun

cotton candy sticks

moving eyes to make them attractive

How to make your maracas?

1- Cut out the rubber sheet by contouring your roll of toilet paper and taking 1 cm extra margin. Then cut into a fan so you can better stick them to your roll.

2- Paste them to the roll with your glue gun, not forgetting to slip some grains of rice so that your maracas can make music!

3- Then glue a second band of rubber sheet (here, we have inverted the colors so that it is more fun!) to hide the ends of foam.

4- Have fun decorating your maracas with the remaining falls. In our tutorial we made funny little characters. Moving eyes also make a little noise when shaken!

5- Step not really mandatory: add wooden sticks glued in them to make a small handle to your maracas. Just make a small hole in the cutter, slip the sticks and stick all with hot glue for it to resist.

For toddlers, they can catch them more easily.

And here is the work! Enjoy!