Mermaid: idea of invitations cards for Anniversary

Mermaid: idea of invitations cards for Anniversary

An example of creation for those who need ideas to customize an invitation card for a birthday themed sirens. These invitations are easy to make with children!


1 set of 3 glitter tapes Mermaid by Graine Créative

Mermaid stickers by Graine Créative

Mermaid Cat Labels by Graine Créative

Mermaid wooden silhouettes by Artemio

- Felts or paint

- Glue

To make these invitations on the theme of sirens, it's very simple!

Write or print your invitation text on card stock.

Color your wooden silhouettes with markers or paint.

You just have to let your creativity speak to decorate your invitations! Create borders in masking tape. Paste wooden silhouettes and decorate with marine stickers.

Add a finishing touch by hanging a cat siren label on your invitations.