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Blue Asagao Cast Iron Teapot - 0.9 L + Blue and silver cast iron cup

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Blue cast iron teapot "Asagao" to keep your infusions at the right temperature. + Cast iron tea cup to keep your infusions at the right temperature.


An asian cast iron teapot with beautiful silver patterns and reflections.asagao means "ipomea flower" in Japanese. The inside of the teapot is enamelled and the filter is made of stainless steel.prepare any kind of tea with this everyday art object. Just put the tea in the filter, pour the hot water, wait for the infusion time, and enjoy your tea! The Chinese traditionally drink their tea directly from the cup, and it was during the Ming Dynasty that the first teapots appeared. The Asagao cast iron teapot is said to be "memoryless", so it is possible to drink any kind of tea with it because its enamelled interior prevents the aromas from being saved. Maintenance tips: Before the first use, fill your Asagao teapot several times with boiling water 2, then dry with a dry cloth.When cleaning your teapot, wash with clear water, avoiding detergents, then wipe the outside of the teapot with a soft cloth. 0,9 L. + Blue cast iron cup with golden reflections that will wonderfully complete your collection of cups! A cast iron vessel keeps your tea at the perfect temperature. Pour it and enjoy your tea! The inside of the cup is enameled. Care instructions: Wash your cup in clean water, without using detergents, then wipe the cup with a cloth.


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