Glass Teapot 68 cl
  • Glass Teapot 68 cl
  • Glass Teapot 68 cl
  • Glass Teapot 68 cl
  • Glass Teapot 68 cl
  • Glass Teapot 68 cl

Glass Teapot 68 cl


A very cute glass teapot suitable for moments in pairs!

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Solid (tempered glass) with removable glass filter, this teapot will be the perfect ally for your relaxing moments. Delivered with glass filter. Directions for use: Place the desired quantity of tea or tea in the filter located in the teapot, then pour your water at ideal temperature over it. Let it infuse. Manufacture: The technique of boron glass is known since the end of the XIXth century. It consists of adding boron silicate to the usual ingredients of glass (Quartz, sodium carbonate and aluminum oxide). The glass thus designed, heated at a higher temperature than the standard glass, becomes much more resistant to heat and more resistant to shocks. Each teapot is hand-formed from a thick glass tube. The blowing is mechanized. The body is first formed by blowing and manual stretching over a torch. Then the details are executed one by one at the clamp and by turning over the flame. Country of Origin: China, Guangdong Province. Care instructions: To be cleaned with mild organic dish detergent without rubbing. Wipe with a soft cloth. This glass tempered with boric silicate is resistant to any means of cooking except induction (be sure to use an electric plate or fire with the correct diameter). Do not heat it empty or use it for anything other than an infusion. Handle with care and avoid shocks. Do not use if cracked or partially damaged.


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Thés Bios du Monde
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15 x 15 x 12 cm

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