Organic Green Matcha Tea powder - 50 g

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50 g sachet of tea from the Japanese organic agriculture and certified by the French organic standards




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Bag of 50 g of Matcha tea powder.

Adored in Japan, Matcha tea is part of everyday life. Made from the young tea shoots, the leaves are then steamed, dried and ground until a smooth powder is obtained. 

The advantage of Matcha tea is that you can easily use it for various preparations. In addition to hot and cold drinks, it is ideal for colouring your pastries or ice-cream and giving them a slightly smoky tea taste.

In Japan, it stimulates the spirit by being traditionally beaten with a whisk during the tea ceremony, called Chanoyu.

To do this, you need to cover your matcha tea powder with lukewarm, but not boiling water (about 70°C). Then whisk the tea with a small whisk until froth appears, and then enjoy it.

On a daily basis, a slightly hotter water will be suitable and you can enjoy your Organic Japanese Matcha tea right after mixing.

It is recommended to use 1 gram of tea powder for 100 ml of hot water.


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