• Albums, diaries and...
    <p>Find here our selection of albums and diaries to customize!  Take notes of your recipes, your program for the next vacations, your tasks for the week or simply your personal stories in a small notebook to simplify your life. If you like scrapbooking, you can also find everything you need to decorate your agenda and your bullet journal. You will find photo albums, notepads, notebooks, bullet journal, stickers for bullet journal, calendars, weeklies and more!</p>
  • Desk accessories
    <p>Essential tools, accessories &amp; components for your Scrapbooking achievements: refills, labellers, staples, cartridges, folders</p>
  • Quiling
    <p>Make original works in strips of paper with the technique of quilling!</p>
  • Embossing
    <p>Embossing felts and embossing powders for scrapbooking - Creative decoration and personalized paper - Delivery 24-48h</p>
  • Decals
    <p>Compose your own universe using decal and transfer sheets to add characters or patterns to a themed decor</p>
  • Scrapbooking stencils
    <p>Stencils are ideal and very popular in scrapbooking techniques and especially bullet journaling. They will accompany you in all your creations and decorations of diaries and notebooks. With one stroke of the pen, you can draw beautiful letters and titles or pretty patterns. They are both reusable and easy to use, decorate your diary without limits!</p>
  • Die Cut
    <p>Cut shapes to match with scrapbooking papers to make pretty creations!</p>
  • Creative and technical...
    <p>Find our selection of creative papers of various sizes, materials and colors to create your cards. You will easily find the perfect paper for your scrapbooking activities; crepe paper, cardboard paper, colored plain paper, fine art paper, tissue paper, scratch paper, origami paper, decorative paper, tracing paper, and more! Find also what to experiment and discover new techniques in stationery.</p>
  • Gift wrapping
    <p>Discover all our materials to wrap and decorate your Christmas gifts! Gift paper, string, labels, gift boxes... we have everything you need to make personalized gifts and spoil your loved ones.</p>
  • Stickers
    <p>Self-adhesive labels, repositionable, patterned or 3D stickers - Discover our range ready to stick! Creative hobbies &amp; Scrapbooking on Youdoit!</p>
  • Shipping packaging
    <p>Prepare your move with peace of mind with our selection of packaging: single and double flute boxes of all sizes, paper and kraft envelopes, bubble envelopes, cardboard envelopes... You will find everything you need to send packages, letters or store your belongings.</p>
  • Stamp & Ink
    <p>Vintage patterned wood stamps, fast-drying ink paddles - What's better than a handy do-it-yourself kit for Sunday afternoons?</p>
  • Cardmaking
    <p>Choose from these original decorated cards, and create your own invitations, greeting or thanking cards!</p>
  • Cutting Machines and...
    <p>Discover our selection of labels for notebooks and folders! They are very practical to organize and decorate your work support. An organized work with the image of your child will be a source of motivation. You will find colored stickers, round, rectangular, of various colors. These labels can also be used to label all kinds of school supplies.</p>
  • Masking Tapes
    <p>Wide selection of Masking Tapes of various patterns and colors, Washi tapes, adhesive tapes - Ideal for scrapbooking decorations, achievements and embellishments</p>
  • Printers
    Print in professional quality from home or in the office with our high-quality printers. Whether it's vibrant color prints or crisp black and white documents, our printers deliver exceptional results. With wireless connectivity options and ease of use, printing has never been more convenient.

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Start baking and make original recipes with our selection of baking kits and boxes. They are ideal to keep your children busy and introduce them to cooking during the weekend and vacations. These baking kits are very suitable for beginners and will make your life easier every day! You will find several kits containing recipes, cooking utensils, molds and more.