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Stationery / Scrapbooking

Everything for scrapbooking! Artistic papers, stamps, masking tapes, cards ... Equip yourself to illustrate your decorative work!


  • Stickers
    <p>Self-adhesive labels, repositionable, patterned or 3D stickers - Discover our range ready to stick! Creative hobbies &amp; Scrapbooking on Youdoit!</p>
  • Cutting Machines and...
    <p>The cutting machines Sizzix, ScanNcut and Happycut will allow you to accomplish a work both precise and professional for all your creations</p>
  • Die Cut
    <p>Cut shapes to match with scrapbooking papers to make pretty creations!</p>
  • Creative and technical...
    <p>Large selection of creative papers in different sizes, materials and colors for your cards - Find the perfect paper for your scrapbooking activities</p>
  • Cardmaking
    <p>Choose from these original decorated cards, and create your own invitations, greeting or thanking cards!</p>
  • Stamp & Ink
    <p>Vintage patterned wood stamps, fast-drying ink paddles - What's better than a handy do-it-yourself kit for Sunday afternoons?</p>
  • Decals
    <p>Compose your own universe using decal and transfer sheets to add characters or patterns to a themed decor</p>
  • Embossing
    <p>Embossing felts and embossing powders for scrapbooking - Creative decoration and personalized paper - Delivery 24-48h</p>
  • Shipping packaging
    <p>Cheap packaging boxes, well-cut cardboard of all sizes, single &amp; double-grooved, resistant bubble envelopes</p>
  • Quiling
    <p>Make original works in strips of paper with the technique of quilling!</p>
  • Masking Tapes
    <p>Wide selection of Masking Tapes of various patterns and colors, Washi tapes, adhesive tapes - Ideal for scrapbooking decorations, achievements and embellishments</p>
  • Scrapbooking stencils
    <p>Buy your plastic stencil quickly to decorate your walls, windows or furniture. Large choice of patterns and fast delivery</p>
  • Desk accessories
    <p>Essential tools, accessories &amp; components for your Scrapbooking achievements: refills, labellers, staples, cartridges, folders</p>

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