• Glass Painting
    <p>Discover all our paintings on glass to make beautiful creations! </p>
  • Acrylic paint
    <p>Find all the colors you want for your acrylic painting workshop!</p>
  • Chalk paint
    <p>Find all the colours you want for your chalk painting workshop!</p>
  • Watercolor
    <p>Find a multitude of watercolour paints as well as supports and tools.</p>
  • Gouache paint
    <p>Paint whatever you want with this easy-to-use type of paint.</p>
  • Oil painting
    <p>Find a multitude of oil paintings. Beginners or confirmed, you will be delighted with our products.</p>
  • Ceramics painting
    <p>Ceramic painting is a great way to express your creativity and personalise your flower pots, vases and other ceramic objects. Available in a variety of colours, ceramic paints are durable and water resistant. They can also be fired in a kiln for a smooth, durable finish.</p>
  • Paint Additives
    <h2>Paint additives</h2> <p>This line of <strong>premium paint additives</strong> is designed to refine your creative process and help you create unique and stunning projects. Our <strong>paint additives</strong> allow you to customize your paint colors, giving you a wide variety of options to personalize your creative process. You can add texture, increase transparency or improve the drying time of your paint, depending on your needs and preferences.</p> <h3>Add texture to your painting</h3> <p>If you’re looking to add texture to your paint, this line of additives gives you a variety of options to achieve that goal. You can choose to add <a href="" class="btn btn-default">GEL OR MODELING PASTE</a> or other <a href="" class="btn btn-default">RESINS</a> to add depth and texture to your work.</p> <h3>Increase the transparency of your paint</h3> <p>If you are looking to increase the transparency and shine of your paint, we have additives that allow you to achieve maximum transparency, while maintaining the quality and density of your colors. Transparent <strong>paint additives</strong> like <a href="" class="btn btn-default">PAINT CREATION COAT</a> are especially useful if you are working on projects that require successive layers of paint or if you want to create subtle gradient effects.</p> <h3>Improve the drying time of your paint</h3> <p>Finally, if you’re looking to improve the drying time of your paint, we have additives that allow you to speed up or slow down the drying process of your paint depending on your needs. This can be especially helpful if you are working on long term projects or need more time to work on a section of your paint.</p> <p>This line of <strong>paint additives</strong> is designed to adapt to your needs in a flexible and intuitive way. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, you can use these <strong>paint additives</strong> to enhance your creative process and create unique and stunning projects.</p> <p>In short, <strong>paint additives</strong> are a great way to customize your creative process. This line of premium paint additives offers a variety of options to meet your creative needs. So feel free to explore this line of <strong>paint additives</strong> and see how they can enhance your creative process!</p>
  • painting on porcelain
    <p>Add a personal touch to your dinnerware with our selection of <strong>porcelain paints</strong>. Available in a wide range of colors, they are perfect for personalizing your cups, plates, dishes. Porcelain paints are specially designed to be heat resistant and can be baked on for a long lasting, durable finish.</p>
  • Painting accessories
    <p>A wide variety of colors and paintings to discover on the online store You do it, specialist in creative hobbies</p>

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