• Brazilian Bracelets
    <p>The Brazilian bracelet or also called friendship bracelet is a technique of braiding coloured threads which makes geometrical shapes appear when knotted. It is a simplified macramé activity to make beautiful cotton bracelets for yourself, your friends and the whole family!</p>
  • Diamond painting
    <p>Diamond painting is a creative leisure activity that teaches your child patience and dexterity. On pre-drawn canvases, your child glues rhinestones called diamonds on the area identified with the right colour. A shiny picture is then created!</p>
  • Crazy plastic
    <p>This plastic is completely crazy ! Easy to use to make miniature objects, characters and sets to paint</p>
  • Mosaic
    <p>Manual and entertaining activity, find our mosaic kits for children!</p>
  • Fuse beads
    <p>Arrange some beads, have a iron shot, and presto! That's it ! Get a whole setting based on one of our many themes: tropics, fairies, animals, ...</p>
  • Objects to decorate by...
    <p>Wooden figurines, animals, stars, silhouettes of all sizes, boxes, cases or small shelves...find all the decorative objects that your children can customise with paints, felt pens, glitter or even feathers and strass. </p>

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Other manual activities for children

Other manual activities for children

Find the ironing beads, the diamond painting, the rubber mosaic, the crazy plastic or all the objects to decorate by your children in this section... creative leisure that is out of the ordinary!