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  • Cutting and collage...
    <p>Paper, scissors, glue, stickers, themed stickers, give your child everything they need to make creative collages and cut-outs! </p>
  • Imagination games and...
    <p>Imitation play is infinite, the more realistic it is, the more fun your child will have. So let's get creative! Find disguises and make-up to create great role plays with your child. </p>
  • Kid's Games and Toys
    <p>Entertain your children with educational games and crafts to develop their creativity and curiosity - from 0 to 15 years! Science kits, building and construction games, puzzles and models or nature discovery for all ages. </p>
  • Mom and baby accessories
    <p>Pacifier clips, silicone beads, rattle and also breastfeeding necklace for mothers and future mothers... Find our selection of baby accessories to create! </p>
  • Kid's Coloring Books
    <p>Colouring is the most important activity for children. It helps to work on hand-eye coordination. Give your child the tools to develop their creativity and ability to reproduce drawings: suitable pencils and markers, water-based, broad-tipped, chalk and slates as well as a wide variety of coloured papers.</p>
  • Kid painting
    <p>Finger paints, ultra-washable paints, gouache, accessories such as basic brushes and foam rollers, stencils of all shapes... let your child give free rein to his or her creativity in complete safety with our range of products 100% adapted to children.</p>
  • Moulding for Kids
    <p>Modelling develops your child's fine motor skills and he or she will love this very varied activity, ideal from 18 months onwards: salt dough, modelling dough of all colours, moulding to make pretty figures or modelling sand to work on precision, there is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to choosing materials to work with their hands!</p>
  • Other manual...
    <p>Find the ironing beads, the diamond painting, the rubber mosaic, the crazy plastic or all the objects to decorate by your children in this section... creative leisure that is out of the ordinary!</p>
  • School supplies
    <p>To prepare for the start of the school year or to make a purchase during the year, you will find pens, markers, pencils, scissors, a wide variety of school labels, kits to customise or even large packs of paint for schools. </p>
  • Montessori Universe
    <p>Find in this category all our products and activities based on the Montessori method. This method favors the development of the child through learning, experimentation and autonomy. Give your child the opportunity to awaken thanks to an educational pedagogy.</p>

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Kids and babies

Kids and babies

Kids and babies

We are proud to offer a complete line of products for children, suitable for all creative, artistic and educational activities. Whether you are looking for School Supplies, classic activities such as Coloring, Painting, Collage or Moulding, or even Montessori Products, we have everything you need to encourage the imagination and creativity of children of all ages.

Art activities

For the youngest budding artists, we offer a wide range of Coloring products, water and oil paints, markers, crayons, pastels, brushes and drawing sets to stimulate their creativity and allow them to express their imagination without limits.


Montessori is a very popular educational method. It is based on autonomy, active learning and self-discovery of the child. To achieve this, it is good to focus on certain activities and certain decorative objects.

If you are looking for products to encourage Montessori learning, our product line includes HANDY ACTIVITIES such as building sets, puzzles, activity books, sorting games, cooking kits, educational games and much more. These Montessori products are designed to stimulate your children’s curiosity and creativity while allowing them to learn independently.

School Supplies

We also have a wide selection of CREATIVE SCHOOL SUPPLIES to meet all your educational and creative needs. You’ll find notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, compasses, calculators and more, everything your kids need for a successful school year.

At Youdoit, we are committed to providing our customers with quality, safe and durable products to meet all their needs. So, feel free to explore our selection of children’s products to discover all we have to offer to encourage your children’s creativity and learning.