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Creative cuisine - Gift boxes, pastry kits & utensils

Creative cooking

Discover a whole bunch of preparations, accessories and small essentials to create your personalized recipes of creative cooking


  • Cooking Kits
    <p>Everything you need to offer a creative cooking gift or to realize your recipes, with boxes adapted to your desires! Delivery 24-48h</p>
  • Tableware
    <p>Bamboo cutlery, dishes, plates, bowls and cutlery sets for children in natural material ... Find everything you need on Youdoit.com!</p>
  • Kitchen Accessories
    <p>Find all the kitchen accessories to help you make the best of your cooking creations: kitchen utensils - from the essentials to the most technical accessories - but also jars, reusable bags, labels, flasks and bottles to best preserve your food preparations. </p>
  • Small kitchen appliances
    <p>To help you in your culinary preparations and liven up your meals and events, take advantage of our pastry robots, popcorn machine, candyfloss machine, chocolate workshop, hot dog machine or the crepes factory and the bubble waffle for original waffles!</p>
  • Creative grocery
    <p>Discover our selection of products to perfume your home; world spices, teas, infusions and essential oils. In the kitchen, on the sofa or in the bedroom, find the essentials of well-being at home with YouDoIt!</p>

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