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Creative cuisine - Gift boxes, pastry kits & utensils

Creative cooking

Discover a whole bunch of preparations, accessories and small essentials to create your personalized recipes of creative cooking


  • Cooking Kits
    <p>Everything you need to offer a creative cooking gift or to realize your recipes, with boxes adapted to your desires! Delivery 24-48h</p>
  • Pastry & sugar decoration
    <p>Sugar paste, icing mixes, cake decorations: the essentials are in your Creative Cuisine and manual activities shop Youdoit.com</p>
  • Kitchenware
    <p>Realize your creative recipies with all the necessary instruments: cut-outs, molds of all shapes, pastry casings</p>
  • Pastry utensils
    <p>Find all the necessary kitchen utensils to make your pastries: spatulas, whips, or spoons - Quick delivery</p>
  • Teas
    <p>Taste and savor this selection of teas and infusions, from organic farming and brimming with aromas. To consume without moderation!</p>

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