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Polymer paste

Expert or beginner? You will find everything you need to make polymer clay!


  • Polymer paste - FIMO
    <p>Make your jewelry and Fimo objects with our accessories and tools for polymer paste: stencils, texture plates, silicone molds - Creative leisure</p>
  • Poudres métalliques
    <p>Give a metallic and colorful effect to your FIMO paste creations thanks to metallic powders - Creative leisure</p>
  • Polymer paste molds
    <p>Choose the mold that suits you to create yourself small jewels or small objects with unusual shapes, in FIMO paste and polymer paste</p>
  • Polymer paste stencils
    <p>Easy to use, discover our stencils for polymer clay on Youdoit!</p>
  • Mats and texture sheets
    <p>Carpet and texture plates for polymer clay with various figurative or geometric patterns - Modeling and creative hobbies</p>

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