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Cooking Kits

Everything you need to offer a creative cooking gift or to realize your recipes, with boxes adapted to your desires! Delivery 24-48h

Creative cooking kits - Gift ideas

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Letter cake box

$20.72 Price
This kit will help you to create cakes in the shape of letters!

Nature cake box

$8.05 Price
This kit will help you create two cakes in the shape of a flower and a rabbit head!

Floral cake box

$8.05 Price
This kit will help you create two cakes in the shape of a heart and a crown!

Log Kit - Christmas

$22.52 Price
With this box, make a Christmas log ! The necessary utensils and the recipe are included.

Christmas Letter cake

$7.15 Price

Surprise your guests for Christmas by changing from the traditional ice log, and making a letter cake with Christmas initials.

DIY Box - My Unicorn Cake XXL

$20.72 Price

Surprise your guests or your children by making a 100% Unicorn cake with this complete kit to make a gourmet unicorn!

Magic cakes box + Golden edible powder

$45.14 Price

Magic cakes to make 6 magic tricks of magic in the kitchen with your children and 9 magical recipes. + Magic spray of edible powder to illuminate your cakes.

  • Pack

Calavera cake kit

$10.75 Price

Box containing a stencil and a black felt pen to make a Calavera for Halloween

Summer Cake kit

$15.30 -15% Regular price $18.00 Price

Summer Cake pastry box

  • Reduced price

Metal box - marshmallow & chocolate...

$16.20 -10% Regular price $18.00 Price

The cubs marshmallow and chocolate from your childhood to simply achieve with this beautiful box in its metal box.

  • Reduced price

Checkerboard cake kit

$10.76 Price

Complete Set by ScrapCooking including : 2 stainless steel round cutters + 2 colored baking powders

My Cake design metal box

$22.52 Price

This Cake Design special box contains all the tools needed to create sugar-paste decorations to create gourmet creations in cake design.

6 stainless steel icing nozzles for...

$17.61 -15% Regular price $20.72 Price

Box of 6 stainless steel sockets to make glazings of various shapes and magnify your cupcakes and other gourmet desserts.

  • Reduced price

Kit 3D Stainless steel nozzles +...

$11.11 -15% Regular price $13.07 Price

Set of 3 sockets in ScrapCooking stainless steel to make beautiful cupcakes with ruffles or decorate your cakes of froufrous for the elaboration of ruffles cakes.

  • Reduced price

5 Christmas sugar pastes

$13.48 Price

Box of 5 sugar pastes in the hues of Christmas to make beautiful decorations on all your cakes: white, red, green, brown and yellow.

Pastry box - 6 stainless steel...

$22.52 Price

To offer as a Christmas present, this pretty metal box will appeal to all pastry chefs with its 6 stainless steel pastry holders and 8 pastry bags to decorate all your cakes!

Pastry box - Sweet Biscuits

$10.80 -40% Regular price $18.00 Price

To make beautiful Christmas cookies, this gift box in a beautiful glass jar contains 2 stainless steel cookie cutters (the first heart shaped 6 x 5 cm and the second star-shaped 8 x 2 cm) , 3 confectionery bags and a golden frosting pen to bring some glitter to your cookies!

  • Reduced price

Pastry box - Sweet Cupcakes

$14.40 -20% Regular price $18.00 Price

To make beautiful cupcakes colorful, this gift box in a nice glass jar contains: 12 cooking boxes, a pastry bag and 4 pastry sleeves and a sachet of sweet decorations multicolored pearl beads!

  • Reduced price

Gourmet Christmas tree pastry kit

$7.41 -45% Regular price $13.48 Price

A complete box to make yourself beautiful cookies to decorate your Christmas tree greedily with 3 heart-shaped stainless steel cookie cutters, bell and Christmas star and all the necessary supplies!

  • Reduced price

Christmas Tree Cookie Box

$8.96 Price

Complete set to make a small Christmas tree biscuit with 5 stainless steel cookie cutters to decorate a party table or make a sensation at tea time!

Flower Cake Box

$11.46 -15% Regular price $13.48 Price

Make beautiful flowers on your cakes with this Scrapcooking Flower Cake gift box with 3 pastry holders and accessories included.

  • Reduced price

Christmas Lollipop Kit

$10.76 Price

Kit consisting of two blisters of 5 candy pop lollipops and 5 small scrapCooking gingerbread men with food print and 10 sticks.

Domino Biscuits Set

$11.46 -15% Regular price $13.48 Price

Box containing 14 stamps + 1 plunger cutter + 1 storage bag + 1 dominoes biscuits recipe

  • Reduced price

Kit Easter Egg Decoration

$12.13 -10% Regular price $13.48 Price

This ScrapCooking Egg Decoration Kit includes : 2 food coloring gels (pink & yellow) + 3 decorative cut-out papers + 1 recipe booklet

  • Reduced price

Macaroons Box

$18.00 Price

Do not be afraid to launch yourself in the realization of macarons with this complete kit to realize your macarons colored with raspberry and varied shapes!

Roll'Cake Workshop Set

$23.66 -18% Regular price $28.86 Price

Spread the gallery with superb roll cake decorated or printed, to be realized easily with you with this complete kit!

  • Reduced price

Baking sheets Transfer roll...

$11.67 Price

You want to bring a festive air to the cake of your logs and cakes christmas? These special sheets roll 'cake will be perfect to make beautiful Christmas motifs and bring a little color to your achievements easily.

Rainbow cake kit

$6.18 -31% Regular price $8.96 Price

Kit to make a rainbow cake yourself with 6 floors of different color with built-colorful packets of yeast.

  • Reduced price

Easter chocolate surprise

$12.57 Price

Kit to realize his surprise chocolate eggs for Easter with 3 surprises and integrated food golden leaves to pack

Chocolate fondue kit

$30.25 -12% Regular price $34.38 Price

Kit to realize a fondue chocolate yourself and make homemade chocolates

  • Reduced price

Cotton Candy Machine

$44.87 -20% Regular price $56.09 Price

Workshop - for Babre candy - ScrapCooking

  • Reduced price

Set Mojito

$10.04 Price

Mojito cocktail preparation set with recipe