• Brads
    <p>Embellish your creations of all kinds with our brads.</p>
  • Office and decoration...
    <h2>Office and Decorative Pins</h2> <p>Add a <strong>personal touch to your workspace or decor </strong>with our selection of pushpins. They are perfect for hanging photos, cards, or other decorative items.</p>
  • Wall Organizers
    <p>Get organized with these wall organizers that are as pretty as they are practical!</p>
  • Perforator and cutting...
    <p>With these punches, develop your scrapbooking and card making skills! </p>
  • Glue
    <p>Discover a selection of glues and adhesives essential to make your own objects!</p>
  • Smartphone screens
    <p><span>Repair your Smartphone yourself with the spare parts, touchscreen, LCD for Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, Nokia, Wiko.</span></p>
  • Wire clips
    <p>Wire clips useful for hanging, storing, hanging... They will contribute to the decoration of the room !</p>
  • Magnets
    <p>Powerful and pretty magnets: this is what you need to hang sheets in the office or to put drawings on a horrible fridge!</p>
  • Paper clips
    <p>Bring a touch of fantasy to your stationery with paper clips of all shapes: stars, hearts, arrows ...</p>

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Desk accessories - Scrapbooking

Desk accessories

Essential tools, accessories & components for your Scrapbooking achievements: refills, labellers, staples, cartridges, folders