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  • Translucent paper
    <p>Decorative tracing papers</p>
  • Fine art paper
    <p>An ideal paper to practice various drawing or painting techniques. Watercolor paper, drawing paper, graphic paper, layout paper, acrylic paper, oil painting paper: you will find everything you need to become a great artist at heart. Take your watercolor paper kit in your bag to paint landscapes outside your home!</p>
  • Silk paper
    <h2>Silk paper</h2> <p><strong>Silk paper</strong> is perfect for wrapping, decorating, and art projects. Silk paper offers a soft, lightweight texture that allows for subtle and elegant color and light effects.</p> <p>We offer a wide selection of vibrant colors and patterns to suit any style or occasion. Our silk paper is high quality and tear resistant for easy use and a stylish finish.</p>
  • Crepe paper
    <p>Crepe paper is perfect for crafts and decoration. It is a paper that adapts to multiple supports and shapes. These easy to work with sheets of paper will allow you to learn many decoration techniques! Decorate tables, gifts, make garlands and other fancy decorations with crepe paper.</p>
  • Cardboard paper
    <p>Find the cardboard papers, rigid, suitable for multiple creations and particularly practical for your realizations of albums or your activities of cartery. These multi-purpose sheets will allow you to learn several stationery techniques! Cardboard paper is also practical because children can easily draw or paint on it with watercolors.</p>
  • Colored plain paper
    <p>Make colorful creations by choosing one of our papers that meets the requirements of your scrapbooking activities: weight, size, suitable for stamping, cutting, pasting or embossing. These papers have been worked to meet all your uses in cardboard and scrapbooking. Stamping is really easy and offers you a wide range of possibilities in the personalization of creative leisure.</p>
  • Paper creation boxes
    <p>Discover all our DIY kits and boxes to make paper creations: decorative objects, paper floral art or origami kits. You will find great ideas to start a new creative activity with boxes where all the essential material is included: to please yourself or to offer! Equip yourself with a paper creation kit to create and make beautiful paper decorations! Personalize your albums and cards by gluing your paper decorations on various themes: viva la vida, Christmas, flowers and more! It is ideal to personalize your creations in scrapbooking, your crafts and can even be used in card making.</p>
  • Origami paper
    <p>Fold these sheets of paper to create origami shapes! </p>
  • Decorative paper
    <p>Decorate and personalize your objects with decorative paper! </p>
  • Scratch paper
    <p>Have fun creating colorful shapes with these scratch papers and accessories.</p>
  • Paper-making
    <p>Make your own paper in an ecological way. It's a great idea to make greeting cards, invitation cards or invitations with homemade paper! A creative leisure activity that is both eco-responsible and fun. It is suitable for children and adults and encourages the zero waste movement. You can then draw, paint, or decorate your paper sheets!</p>

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Cards & creative paper - Large choice of colors

Creative and technical paper

Find our selection of creative papers of various sizes, materials and colors to create your cards. You will easily find the perfect paper for your scrapbooking activities; crepe paper, cardboard paper, colored plain paper, fine art paper, tissue paper, scratch paper, origami paper, decorative paper, tracing paper, and more! Find also what to experiment and discover new techniques in stationery.