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Nougat wafer sheets

€3.89 -35% Regular price €5.99 Price

Make your homemade nougats thanks to these wafer sheets specially designed for nougats

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Wafer sheets

€3.15 -53% Regular price €6.70 Price

Unleavened sheets / Host paper

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3 food colorings - yellow-red-blue

€7.77 -35% Regular price €11.95 Price

3 food artificial colors yellow powder, red and blue to color your cakes and pastries with your bright colors

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Golden edible glitter

€3.84 -60% Regular price €9.60 Price

Decorate your pastries with a glittery touch !

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3 hexagonal wooden shelves

€24.43 -30% Regular price €34.90 Price

Set of 3 hexagonal wooden shelves, 30 to 40 cm, to create a Scandinavian ambience in your interior or customize according to the colors of your interior.

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Cream of tartar - 50 g

€8.90 Price

With this 50 g cream of ScrapCooking, you can easily stabilize your egg whites, prevent the crystallization of sugar and give volume to your preparations.