Wood powder sticks from Ecuador - Palo Santo


Wood from Palo Santo Ecuador

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Wood Palo Santo Ecuador is known for its cleansing and relaxing properties.

In Native American tradition, healers use the Palo Santo during fumigation rituals. Its woody and balsamic aromas are known to purify the atmosphere and bring peace and harmony.

The Palo Santo belongs to the same botanical family as frankincense and myrrh. It promotes concentration and meditation.

Manual :

Enter one hand the end of a Palo Santo stick by tilting down 45 °. In this way, it will turn more easily without burning your fingers.

Then turn on the other end. Let the flame flourish for 30 seconds to a minute, then shake the stick to extinguish the flame and turn on the coals.

Prick the Palo Santo incense stick in a door with sand. The Palo Santo is not consumme a stroke, you must turn on the 1 to 2 times or 3 to 6 minutes of combustion, to obtain a sufficiently strong and lasting fragrance in your room.

A stick can therefore serve thirty times.

Bag of 25 grams.


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Material :
Type :
Incense resin

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