16 natural Ayurvedic incense sticks - Love
  • 16 natural Ayurvedic incense sticks - Love

16 natural Ayurvedic incense sticks - Love

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16 natural Ayurvedic incense sticks Love with soothing aromas of rose, camphor, sandalwood and vetiver.

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The composition of the range of Indian Ayurvedic incense follows the techniques of the ayurveda (traditional medicine) and intervenes on the 7 vital centers, the chakras.The incense sticks Love have repercussions on the Charkra of the heart (anahata). Pink, camphor, sandalwood and vetiver bring floral and chypre notes, this panacea of ​​soothing aromas reflects the Air element.This incense is interesting for meditation, the woody-flowered combination combined with the toning touch of camphor s During meditation, you can focus your attention on the chakra of the heart (that is, on the sternum, in the middle of both breasts) and feel the power of this center of energy You can by your concentration give it a preponderance over the power of the spirit and thus reveal qualities of love and compassion. Dry masala bhatti" technique uses a paste made of sandalwood powder and d Hevea to which are added powdered roots, leaves and fruits of medicinal plants as well as essential oils. The incense "Love" contains sacred basil, rose, nard, camphor, sandalwood, vetiver. This recipe has a particular resonance in the chakra of the heart. It also has anti-stress, maternity, tranquilizing virtues. This incense is made in the region of Bengalore, according to a recipe developed by Dr. Hans Rhyner, Ayurvedic doctor. It is rolled by hand. Smoke 3/5. Length of a stick: 25 minutes


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