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Specialized in creative leisure and Do It Yourself, Youdoit.fr offers a wide selection of products that will satisfy your creativity. 

Realize your customization projects on your furniture, small wooden objects and decorations with DIY deco or haberdashery on textile fabric, wool or leatherette (loom, string art, sewing of all kinds, punch needle, ...). Launch yourself into scrapbooking using a multitude of accessories (calendar, notebook, stamp, masking tape, die and cutting machine, vinyl sheets, ...), or make creative, colorful and tasty pastries. This year, dinosaur birthday and rainbow birthday snacks will be at the rendezvous. Invite the children to decorate their cake with coloring sugar dough! 

Youdoit accompanies you from the organization to the DIY decoration of your events (wedding, baptism, birth, ...). Opt for example for floral art with embroidery, dried flowers and herbariums. Create your own invitation cards using your cutting machine and your dies (die or stencil). Go beyond and even go as far as offering your candles or home made soaps, decorated with dried flowers, to your guests!

Thanks to our educational games, let your children become scientists by creating wind turbines, or botanists with our garden accessories. Youdoit offers you a wide choice of manual activities! Children's crafts, for example, will be perfect to share precious moments with your family and develop creativity. Young and old alike, everyone can find happiness in creative leisure. It is ideal for realizing DIY ideas and personalized creations at low cost. In addition, DIY gifts are synonymous with time spent and personalization, which delights all those to whom they are offered.

Youdoit has searched for trendy and original products for you. Leopard and fluorescent will be on the menu. You'll find them everywhere, whether it's in play dough, embroidery, pompoms or stationery. Go back to nature with materials such as wood, jute or rattan. In the kitchen, make your own milkshakes and bee wraps. For children, bring a countryside universe with an insect decoration (butterfly, bee, ...).

The "handmade" is the watchword of Youdoit.fr, that's why, in 2020, it opened a new creative branch in the artistic fields of drawing and painting. Markers of all kinds (manga, color, brush), watercolor, acrylic paint, gouache or ink, its selection including many painting techniques is ideal for beginners as well as professionals. Thanks to complete kits such as calligraphy or travel kits, you will be equipped to improve your techniques anywhere!

With thousands of references, the Bordeaux team is committed to offer you quality equipment to help you with your creative projects. Since its creation in 2013, it selects for you the best products from about forty brands. Regularly, the 7 members of Youdoit put their hands to work and share with you on the blog ideas for tutorials and DIY tips: decoration, creative cooking, personalized objects...

Youdoit's objective for this year 2021 is to allow each of you to become an actor of tomorrow. The team invites you to create your own household products and cosmetics but also your own garden. You can already find cleaning materials, seeds and utensils in our "Homemade" and "zero waste" sections.

Otherwise, we invite you to browse through our entire site to find what you are looking for!

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