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  • Envelopes to customize
    <p>Discover our selection of one-color envelopes to customize and decorate without moderation! Draw pretty designs to wish someone you love! You can also practice lettering techniques for events such as birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day and more!</p>
  • Classic tags
    <p>Get organized and make your daily life easier by browsing through our selection of calendars and weeklies! A perpetual family planner is the ideal way to help your child keep track of time: days, weeks, months, years. It's a quick and easy way to keep track of the day and week's activities. It is an ideal gift for a birthday or for a birth! </p>
  • Card making sets
    <p>Find all the material to make your own cards!</p>
  • Gift tags
    <p>Discover our selection of labels to label your gifts for Christmas but also and especially to decorate and put the atmosphere of the holidays in your home. You'll find labels with string included, Santa Claus labels, tree labels, with gold details... and more! It's also a good way to easily find out who to give the gift to!</p>
  • School tags
    <p>Discover our selection of labels for notebooks and folders! They are very practical to organize and decorate your work support. An organized work with the image of your child will be a source of motivation. You will find colored stickers, round, rectangular, of various colors. These labels can also be used to label all kinds of school supplies.</p>

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Choose from these original decorated cards, and create your own invitations, greeting or thanking cards!