Choose from these original decorated cards, and create your own invitations, greeting or thanking cards!

Greeting cards, labels, creative paper

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20 metal effect labels - Pennant - 7...

€4.90 Price

These 20 labels metal effect with a gold outline will be perfect to make your scrapbooking projects. 3 different patterns: round, lines and waves. + Kraft labels with eyelet

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24 white embroidery tags with threads...

€5.90 Price
Make your own Christmas gift tags with these 24 perforated embroidery tags and 6 colored threads from Artemio's Adorable Collection. + Kraft labels with eyelet
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10 sheets of kraft printable A4 - 220g

€5.50 Price
These kraft sheets will allow you to give an original touch to your table, your invitations... It is also possible to print a picture or an inscription!