• Placemats and tablesets
    <p>Hurry! Set the table! The guests should arrive soon ... Youdoit offers you all kinds of placemats and tablesets at low prices - Fast delivery</p>
  • Mugs, Cups and bowls
    <p>This selection of cups, bowls and jars will be perfect for drinking tea and coffee. In the summer, use them as a container for smoothie or other cool drinks! </p>
  • Place card
    <p>Indispensable for meals with many guests, seating mark indicate where everyone should sit.</p>
  • Platters and trays
    <p>To dispose seafood, bring coffee, or serve dessert, nothing like a stainless steel dish or a beautiful wooden tray to customize</p>
  • Plates

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Tableware - Dishes & decorations


Bamboo cutlery, dishes, plates, bowls and cutlery sets for children in natural material ... Find everything you need on!