• Shipping cardboard boxes
    <p>Use packing cartons to ship all types of items from medium to large. Cartons are both shatterproof and impact resistant, but they are also suitable for mail format. Their solidity guarantees a good arrival of the package at its destination. They can also be used to store material, or to move.</p>
  • Bubble envelopes
    <p>Use bubble envelopes to send small items such as jewelry, notebooks or stationery. Close the envelope with its self-adhesive flap after removing the protective strip. In addition to being padded, the envelope is also opaque, which allows you to hide its contents. </p>
  • Paper envelopes
    <p>Use paper envelopes to send any type of document, paper or card. Close the envelope with the self-adhesive flap after removing the protective strip. We have selected for you envelopes that are resistant but also opaque, allowing you to hide the contents.</p>

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Shipping packaging

Prepare your move with peace of mind with our selection of packaging: single and double flute boxes of all sizes, paper and kraft envelopes, bubble envelopes, cardboard envelopes... You will find everything you need to send packages, letters or store your belongings.