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Decorative flowers

Floral Art

Dried and pressed flowers are a great decorative trend. Find something to decorate your home or your notebooks. You can also make your own dried flowers.


  • Dried and pressed flowers
    <p>Decorate your home, scrapbooking or hobby projects with dried or pressed flowers! We offer a wide selection of dried flowers to make pretty and colorful bouquets but also pressed flowers to decorate notebooks and decorative objects! Find also our dried flowers accessories to create unique decorations.</p>
  • Dried flower accessories
    <p>Make your own dried flowers! You can decorate your house or your scrapbooking and DIY projects.</p>
  • Herbarium and flower...
    <p>Make a herbarium or a pretty flower decoration with our selection of DIY products! Wooden frames for herbariums, flower presses, weaving herbariums, wooden supports for dried flowers... discover all our models to integrate plants in your interior decoration.</p>

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