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  • FIMO liquid polymer paste
    <p>The transparent liquid FIMO is so practical! It allows you to make :</p> <p>- Liquid transparent collages to assemble your modeling together, fired or still soft. </p> <p>- Mix with other pigments (paint, pigments, dyes).</p> <p>- Inclusion of decorative elements (paint, rhinestones, glitter, dried flowers...).</p> <p>- Image transfer! Yes, liquid FIMO also allows you to transfer images onto your models. Photos and images, everything is possible!</p>
  • FIMO blocks
    <p>Make your own jewelry and small decorative objects with FIMO clay! Discover our selection of Fimo clay of all colors for your modeling activities but also all our accessories for polymer clay: plates and texture mats, molds and stencils ...</p>
  • FIMO Kids blocks
    <p>Fimo Kids is a polymer clay specially designed for children from 8 years. Easy to use, soft and pleasant to model, it hardens once in the oven. To model the Fimo clay discover our models of polymer clay molds, plates and texture mats or stencils polymer clay!</p>

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FIMO polymer paste - DIY jewelry & accessories

FIMO collection

Make your jewelry and objects with the famous Fimo clay. Use our accessories and tools for polymer clay: stencils, texture plates and silicone molds! The dough is soft and pliable, and is easy to use for adults and children. You can combine different colors and textures of dough. So, design figurines, decorations and even jewelry of all kinds. Once in its shape, you can air dry or oven dry the dough!