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  • Cake molds
    <p>Find your cake mold here: quality utensils for traditional cakes, original molds, Christmas log molds…</p>
  • Baking frames
    <p>Create a cake that looks like you thanks to our selection of frames specially designed for pastry! Heart-shaped, flower-shaped, rectangular or oval, there is something for everyone. You will be able to bake like a real chef and impress your guests!</p>
  • Chocolate molds
    <p>Want to create your own chocolates? Nothing could be easier thanks to our selection of moulds specially adapted for making chocolates. Whether it's for Easter, Christmas or a birthday for example, you're sure to find the right mould for your needs.  </p>
  • Silicone molds
    <p>Bring your pastries to life with this selection of silicone moulds specially designed for pastry and chocolate creation. Unicorns, hearts or gingerbread men, there is something for everyone! Let your pastry chef's soul speak and impress your guests. </p>
  • Cookie cutters
    <p>Have fun cutting sweet decorations yourself with these cookie cutters, to embellish your cakes and personalize them !</p>

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Cake molds and cookie cutters

Cookie cutters & Molds

A wide and original selection of molds, cookie cutters and cut-outs to make all kinds of creative cakes