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  • Punch Needle
    <p>Find all the necessary material to make Punch Needle creations: needles, canvas, wool and thread, or even complete Punch Needle sets to make cushions and decorations. You too can try this trendy hobby that is accessible to everyone!</p>
  • Embroidery frames and...
    <p>Find all our embroidery frames and drums to make your embroideries. Whether you want to create cross stitch embroideries or punch needle and knotted stitch creations, you will find everything you need among our selection!</p>
  • Cross stitch
    <p>Cross stitch is one of the easiest embroidery techniques to make! Create cross stitch decorations easily with all our materials: wool and threads, needles, canvas... We have everything you need! Even complete cross-stitch kits to guide you from A to Z.</p>
  • Hand embroidery
    <p>Bring out the creativity in you, thanks to this category that offers many products to make hand embroidery. Choose the medium on which you want to make your creation (towel, garment, tablecloth, canvas shoe ...), determine the design to be made, choose the embroidery threads that you like the most and go! Don't hesitate and try!</p>
  • Traditional Embroidery
    <p>Discover our wide choice of products relating to traditional embroidery, in particular the essential accessories for making quality creations: threads, needles and special embroidery fabrics as well as our creative embroidery boxes to make modern creations.</p>
  • Latch Hooking
    <p>Discover the technique ofDiscover the lockstitch technique to make fabulous creations such as a cushion, or a pretty pendant light! knotted stitch to realize fabulous creations such as a cushion, or a suspension !!!</p>

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In the embroidery category, you will find all the material you need to realise your Punch Needle and Lock Stitch projects.