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In the embroidery category, you will find all the material you need to realise your Punch Needle and Lock Stitch projects.


  • Punch Needle
    <p>Find all the necessary material to make Punch Needle creations: needles, canvas, wool and thread, or even complete Punch Needle sets to make cushions and decorations. You too can try this trendy hobby that is accessible to everyone!</p>
  • Latch Hooking
    <p>Discover the technique ofDiscover the lockstitch technique to make fabulous creations such as a cushion, or a pretty pendant light! knotted stitch to realize fabulous creations such as a cushion, or a suspension !!!</p>
  • Traditional Embroidery
    <p>Discover our wide choice of products relating to traditional embroidery, in particular the essential accessories for making quality creations: threads, needles and special embroidery fabrics as well as our creative embroidery boxes to make modern creations.</p>

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