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  • Sewing bias
    <p>Available in different colors and patterns, the bias bias makes your life easier by finishing your creations with distinction. An essential! - Youdoit.fr</p>
  • Sequins
    <p>Find all of our fabric accessories!</p>
  • Sewing thread
    <p>Select your cotton or metallic yarn for your manual creations - Discover our products on our online creative leisure shop Youdoit - Fast and neat delivery</p>
  • Imitation leather
  • Fabric and canvas samples
    <p>Fabric coupon for makinFabric coupon for creative hobbies: bags, pouches, seating collection ...g creative hobbies: bags, pouches, collection of seats...</p>
  • Sewing beads
    <p>Selection of wooden sewing beads for your creative activities. Youdoit offers a wide selection of wooden beads for creative haberdashery</p>
  • Suede tassels
    <p>Make jewels and accessories with our tassels and suede ribbons.</p>
  • Ribbons
    <p>Find your range of decorative fabric ribbons for all occasions: Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day or simply an interior decoration - Youdoit</p>

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