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  • Chalk markers
    <p>The chalk marker is ideal for making small patterns and writing on surfaces such as: slate, boards, windows, glass.  You can use it indoors but also outdoors because it is rain resistant. Moreover, it can be easily erased with a damp cloth and will easily accompany you in all your creations in creative leisure and your manual work.</p>
  • Twin tip Markers
    <p>A double-tipped marker is ideal for varying drawing techniques: one is soft and is used for coloring, the other is precise and allows you to make fine and precise lines and details. A double-tipped marker has the advantage of changing the line without losing the harmony in the colors since both tips are from the same pencil!</p>
  • Refillable markers
    <p>Tank markers and felt pens are ideal for those who are tired of throwing away their empty markers and draw a lot. The markers can be filled with India ink, alcohol ink and acrylic ink. They can be easily disassembled for cleaning and will simplify your hobbies and crafts!</p>
  • Accessories for markers
    <p>Get Graph'It marker accessories to vary your drawing techniques or to refurbish your markers! We've selected all sorts of practical accessories for those who draw regularly: spare leads and tips, mixing and shading palettes, marker thinners and more!</p>
  • Marker sets
    <p>Find our selection of marker kits and boxes to learn or improve in the art of drawing! A set of markers is a must for fans of drawing and the Manga universe. It's the perfect idea for a gift for someone who is passionate about this universe! A wide range of markers and colors are available: you will find what you need to draw any character.</p>
  • Oil-based markers

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Color your furniture, decorative objects, or other accessories with these chalk-effect paints to give them a vintage look