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Do-it-yourself clock - Youdoit.fr

Do-it-yourself clock

Want to create your own clock? Discover our selection of products to help you create your own clock: mechanisms, hands, numbers, clocks to decorate... there is something for every taste and every need!


  • Clock hands
    <p>Discover our selection of hands to make a clock for your home! What is your style? A design, vintage or industrial clock? You have the choice to customize it! All shapes: straight, pear, dagger and all colors: black, gray, gold, red, and more!</p>
  • Clock numbers
    <p>Discover our numbers and stencils specially designed for clock making and customization from home!</p>
  • Clock mechanisms
    <p>Feel like creating a wall clock? Make your own clock with our selection of mechanisms! A clock to make yourself? It's a great decoration for your home or to make an original and practical gift for Christmas or a birthday. Let your creativity run wild with the necessary materials! All you need is a quartz clock movement: the mechanism, the battery-operated motor, the rotating axis and the hands of the clock. Mount the mechanism at the back of your stand and fit the hands on the axis at the front and close the locking nut. The principle is simple and totally customizable!</p>

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