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Little accessories for creative decoration

Materials to decorate

Discover our selection of decorating materials that you will need to customize your decorative objects! String, feathers, decorative pompons, glitter, markers or decorative stencils... There is something for everyone and every project!


  • Glitter
    <p>Prepare your glitter to give a touch of light to your creations! - You do it - creative hobby shop</p>
  • Adhesive sequins
    <p>Large rhinestone beads of all sizes, self-adhesive, diamonds, pearly for creative decoration - Creative leisure - Youdoit</p>
  • Twines
    <p>Reels of multicolored decorative strings to decorate your interior - Cotton - Ideal for your leisure activities - Youdoit</p>
  • Mini Clothespins
    <p>Mini clothespins are ideal for accessorizing decorative items! In all sizes, colors or shapes, you can use them to customize an advent calendar, to create a wall decoration with photos and for many other creative projects... Find all our products !</p>
  • Feathers
    <p>Feathers are a must-have decoration accessory in creative leisure ! Discover our large selection of natural or decorated feathers, in all sizes and colors for your creative projects. To make dreamcatchers or do-it-yourself jewelry, add decorative pompoms to the feathers!</p>
  • Decorative pompoms
    <p>Suede, wool or cotton: a large selection of pompoms on Youdoit! Find the pompon you need from a wide range of colors</p>
  • Pens and markers
    <p>Want to customize your decorative objects easily? Choose felt-tip pens and markers for all surfaces: alcohol-based Graph'It markers, chalk markers, glitter markers...  Discover our selection of colored markers to customize wood, glass, paper and even textiles!</p>

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