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Who is affiliation for?

If you have a blog or website that talks about crafting, DIY or creative cooking, then become a Youdoit.fr affiliate.

Why should you become an affiliate?

We offer you 6 to 8% of the amount of orders generated through your site, social networks or emailings.

All you have to do is insert a link with the tracking ID that redirects to our site. This link can be inserted in a blog post, a Youtube description, in the form of hyperlinks or banners that we make available to you, it is up to you!

How to become an affiliate?

Our affiliate program is managed by Webgains. To become an affiliate of Youdoit.fr, we invite you to fill out the registration form on the Webgains website.

Registration is completely free of charge. You start and stop whenever you want based on your results, there is no long-term commitment.


We favour sites posting content related to our activity.