• Food coloring
    <p>Give more colors to your pastries and cakes with these food coloring of all colors, in gel, liquid, powder or spray</p>
  • Spreads
    <p>Enjoy our selection of spreads for a good snack: chocolate, cocoa, praline, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, kinako, and even hemp! Spread them on a slice of bread for your coffee break.</p>
  • Food flavoring
    <p>Flavor your cooked dishes with this range of natural flavors in bottles: vanilla, caramel, raspberry, lemon, etc.</p>
  • Baking accessories
    <p>Find all the kitchen utensils needed to make your pastries: spatulas, kitchen whisks, or spoons, it's up to you!</p>
  • Baking kits
    <p>Start baking and make original recipes with our selection of baking kits and boxes. They are ideal to keep your children busy and introduce them to cooking during the weekend and vacations. These baking kits are very suitable for beginners and will make your life easier every day! You will find several kits containing recipes, cooking utensils, molds and more.</p>
  • Preparation for cakes
    <p>You want to cook? Discover our selection of ingredients for successful preparations!</p>
  • Baking ingredients
    <p>Ingredients for creative pastry of professional quality: gelatin, pectin, Tylos edible glue, cream of tartar ... Everything to achieve your cakes!</p>
  • The world of trendy...
    <p>Are you looking for products to make creative baking with your kids? YouDoIt has selected for you themed products to prepare your most beautiful cakes! You will find several trendy themes such as: llamas, unicorns, superheroes or princesses. We also accompany you during the favorite events of children: birthdays, Christmas, Easter or Halloween!</p>
  • Cake decoration
    <p>We shall talk a long time about your cakes! Decorate them greedily with our cake design and creative cuisine products</p>

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Creative baking

Creative baking

Add some originality to your pastry creations by choosing from over 20K references. Food colourings, natural flavourings, chocolate pens or even edible glitter! Get moulds and cookie cutters to make classic or extravagant cakes and pastries. Finish by customising your preparations with sweet decorations with original themes! Success guaranteed with all your guests!